Connect Innovation with Data

PatSnap dedicates to build an open data ecosystem to increase data value and serve innovative institutions.

We offer access to 140+ data products in three categories - Patent Data, Bio Chemical Data and Financial Service - with wide coverage, high-quality, flexible access and various scenarios that power Company Innovation, Investment Intelligence and Pharmaceuticals R&D.

191,558,455 global patent records
Comprehensive enriched high-quality data in your hands
170 jurisdictions covered
Directly integrate our comprehensive and diverse dataset with your internal systems
Our data categories
Patent Data

170 jurisdictions patent data;

108 jurisdictions patent legal status data;

95 jurisdictions design patent data;

90+ jurisdictions patent full-text and PDF data;

65+ jurisdictions patent license data, 25+ jurisdictions patent transfer data, 80+ jurisdictions patent litigation data.

Enterprises data

10 million enterprises worldwide basic information;

2 million enterprises' technological and innovation evaluation data;

Financial Service, including global coverage of top 30,000 public company by market cap along with their corptree’s historical patent time series data.

Life Science Data

Drug R&D data, including more than 65000 drug pipeline information;

Global drug approval data, including more than FDA, EMA, NMPA, PMDA official information;

Providing core patents of 10000 drugs;

Clinical trial data, including CTGOV, CTR, WHO and other official data sources.

Analysis and Report Data

Analysis of patent technology field, including patent innovation word cloud, wheel of innovation, etc.;

Company Insights analysis report, including company portfolio strategy radar map, company key technologies, etc.;

If you require data services, we offer the following two solutions in response


Data interfacing with OpenAPI

self-built platforms, improvement of internal management systems, enrichment of data capabilities provided by the platform.


uninterrupted, long-term demand for data, requiring for immediate access to the latest data, Unclear about the scope of data which can be obtained.


Developer portal account, APIs included in the package, independent client.

Charging methods

Customers can choose from different packages with different components, pay per year or pay per invoked flow.

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Export of local data packages

Bulk imports such as self-built topic libraries, one-off subject research, other scenarios where the scope of the patent is defined but the frequency of updates is not relatively high.


fast batch acquisition of patent data, periodic updates.


Excel, JSON files.

Charging methods

based on volume of exported data, number of exported fields.

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